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Lucas Ward

You’re So Fly: Lucas Ward

Meet Flywheeler Lucas Ward –a Cloud/Dev Ops Engineer for Ippon Technologies and self-proclaimed “Mad Scientist!”

As a Cloud/DevOps Engineer for Ippon Technologies USA, Lucas heads up their Charlotte office. He didn’t always work in the tech space, leaving UNCC for a nearly 10 year stint in the food and beverage space while he managed a Jimmy John’s restaurant. Overcoming numerous personal obstacles, Lucas shares that it was the guidance of a mentor that brought him back on track and into the world of DevOps. Now, he lives in Concord with his wife and two kids.

These days, Lucas stays busy in the vibrant tech world and currently finds himself amidst a colossal migration to AWS for a healthcare client. Even still, Lucas is enthusiastic to share his expertise, engaging as an active member of the Concord Software Developers that meet regularly at Flywheel. He’s also recording a Cloud webinar, continuing to share more about his work with others in the industry.

When asked what he wishes everyone knew about his work, Lucas responds with, “How much fun technology can be, and how you have to constantly learn new things, it’s just the greatest!” For Lucas, the joy of technology lies not in its seriousness, but in its endless possibilities for exploration and discovery.

In conclusion, Lucas Ward is an invaluable member to the Flywheel community. He is passionate to teach others and learn more himself, and is ready to lend a hand and contribute to the greater good. His unconventional journey is a testament that not every path in life is linear, and sometimes detours can take you exactly where you want to go.

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