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Access to Trusted Industry Mentors

The Flywheel Mentor Deck is both a service to our members and a way for members to give back and support entrepreneurship in the regions we serve across North and South Carolina.

Our purpose-driven member communities have a high density of subject matter experts, professionals, founders, and business service providers. They enjoy giving back in support of entrepreneurship.

The program is administered by the Flywheel Foundation, an affiliated non-profit focused on supporting entrepreneurs and ecosystem development.

Whether you are a solopreneur or a startup team, a main street business, or a highly scalable enterprise, everyone needs trusted mentors who have the right skills and match your stage of development.

If you are interested in accessing the Flywheel Mentor Deck, please click on the button below and fill out the Mentor Deck registration form.

Mentoring Service Guidelines

In each of our locations we cultivate an aspirational community experience that actively accelerates personal, professional and entrepreneurial success. We guarantee a supportive, welcoming community that will increase your productivity and connectedness.

Flywheel’s core values apply to the Mentor Deck program:

  • Interested is interesting
  • Be humbly confident
  • Help first
  • Follow up or fall out

The mentors in our program are experienced professionals and peers to the entrepreneurs they serve. They have been trained as coaches to give unbiased counsel and feedback. They won’t tell you what to do, but will use their experiences to identify solution pathways for the hurdles you might face along your journey. In their orientation training they have signed off on our program guidelines:

  • No conflict of interest or self-serving behavior is allowed. Mentors are not allowed to solicit business nor invest in the ventures they serve, unless invited to do so by the mentee. The Flywheel Foundation program manager will review and resolve any questions.
  • Strict confidentiality is expected to create an environment of complete trust. This a is non-negotiable guideline for the mentors.
  • At the venture’s request, a formal mentor team of 3-4 mentors can be assigned for the benefit of diversity of coaching and skillsets.

Interested in being a mentor? Click the button below to fill out the Mentor Deck application.

Criteria for Entrepreneurs to Access Mentor Deck

The Mentor Deck harnesses the power of Flywheel communities and is a fundamental resource for our members, entrepreneurs enrolled in our own programs, and those of our partners.  All Flywheel members have access to Mentor Deck mentors to get the benefit of their expertise and coaching.

If you are not a Flywheel member you can apply for access to the program as an entrepreneur through the Flywheel Foundation if you are actively participating with any of our ecosystem partners or programs.

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