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Flywheel Faves – Gifts for Remote Workers

Do you have a remote worker on your gift list? Whether an entrepreneur, work-from-home employee of a larger company, or startup founder, people who work remotely have a unique set of needs. At Flywheel Coworking, we are always intrigued by the handy gadgets, organizers, and accoutrement people who have the freedom to work from anywhere bring to the space to help them work smarter. Here are 5 Flywheel Faves with shopping links included.

For the FounderFlywheel Fav for the founder

The Entrepreneurial Operating System for Businesses (EOS) is a set of simple concepts and practical tools used by more than 190,000+ companies around the world to clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. The original book about EOS, Traction, is the EOS bible. Many Flywheel member companies and the Flywheel team have implemented this system to guide their Mission, Vision, Annual and Quarterly goals with great success. Gift it to the business owner in your life to help them achieve more in 2024. Check Amazon.

For the Perpetually Off-task

Full Focus PlannerFull Focus Planner
In 2022, the entire Flywheel operations team began using the Full Focus Planner system. What we find unique about the Full Focus system is that it closely mimics EOS and allows the team to translate Annual and Quarterly goals into weekly and daily tasks that move us seamlessly toward completion. It prevents “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome between quarterly goal-setting meetings. Check out this explainer video for a quick overview.


For Road Warriors

Portable Monitor
We are seeing these more and more in our coworking spaces as people turn to coworking for community, but also miss their large screen at home or their former office. While portable screens have been around for years, the variety has exploded since the 2020 pandemic. Flywheel’s COO, Andrea Howell loves her Viewsonic Touch Screen Monitor, but there are many different styles, weights, and price points to choose from. Andrea says, “Though I love my dedicated seat and large monitor at our Winston-Salem coworking location, I frequently travel between our other locations in Concord NC, North Wilkesboro NC, and Greenville SC. Being able to quickly set up at any unreserved desk wherever I land doubles my efficiency.”

For Slow Sippers

Ember MugGifts for Remote Workers - Ember Mug
As coworking operators since 2014, we know a few things about the ingredients for success when working away from home, and great coffee tops the list. Hot coffee to be exact. No matter the season, Flywheel Concord member Mark Shropshire sets the Ember Mug to his preferred coffee temperature and then sets to work knowing Ember will maintain the temperature for 1.5 hours. No matter how many Zoom calls you have to take, your coffee will still be hot when they conclude.

For Multitaskers

Monitor Stand
By now, most remote workers know about the wide variety of portable laptop stands on the market. These handy platforms elevate your screen to a more flattering angle for Zoom calls, and more ergonomic positioning for your back and neck comfort. Flywheel Concord member Bayo Fodeke enjoys this Homelux stand (featured blog image), available quickly and affordably for last-minute stocking stuffing.

Winston-Salem member Allen Smart prefers his trusty roost stand. It’s ultra-portable, lightweight, and very sturdy, he’s been packing it from home to Flywheel and back most days since 2019!

Bonus Fave

Perhaps the best gift of all is the opportunity to explore life outside your home office. Whether your recipient needs a second space just a couple of days a week or a full-time option with 24/7 access, a Flywheel Coworking membership makes a great gift. Plans start at just $65 per month. Sign them up for a full year, just a one-month trial, or anywhere in between. Memberships are flexible and can be canceled at any time. Don’t live near a Flywheel? Support your own locally owned coworking space by searching for coworking near you.

Flywheel, Concord NC Membership Plans
Flywheel, Winston-Salem, NC Membership Plans
Masthead, N. Wilkesboro NC Membership Plans (Flywheel Affiliate Location)

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