You’re So Fly – Dania Reynoso

We are all about our members at Flywheel – we think they are some of the best people in Winston-Salem. Every month, we love to highlight a member through our “You’re So Fly” event/series so everyone else can see why they are the best. Today we are highlighting Dania Reynoso. Read on to hear why Dania is “so fly”!

What do you do?

I manage a global application support team for a company called FIS (Fidelity Information Systems). My team supports mid-tier to large clients who use Integrity (treasury workstation), eBam (bank account management), and Prophet (insurance/actuarial software).

How did you get to your job today?

I went to college to play basketball on a full scholarship but quickly realized I needed to decide on a major.  There was really nothing interesting at the time so I went with a degree in Business Management. I landed a great job out of college with KPMG and they taught me everything about treasury.  Eventually, I worked so much in treasury we bought the treasury application, Integrity, to handle our processes and move away from doing everything in Excel.  I really enjoyed the project of getting the system up and running so I spoke to the sales manager of the application, who mentioned they had an opening on their support team. I jumped over to supporting the application, but when I met my current boss everything changed.  She has given me more opportunities than I could ever ask for and is a big part of the reason I am here today.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love managing the staff and creating processes where they don’t exist.

What is something that your average coworker would not know about you?

I enjoy talking about real estate.  I own 3 rental properties and it is my goal to retire by the age of 55.

Describe yourself in 5 words?

  1. Honest
  2. Active
  3. Loyal
  4. Outspoken
  5. Economical

What are you most proud of?

My financial independence.

Name something on your bucket list?

An RV trip to all 50 states while finishing up all the MLB stadium visits.

Why coworking?

I enjoy being around people who are working.  There are too many distractions when working from home and it is tough to focus or be productive.

Why Flywheel?

I tried other office spaces and found they were not super welcoming and they didn’t have any perks to go with the membership (gym, garage parking, coffee, pool table, draft beer, etc..).  When the Flywheel staff gave me the tour and I saw the sign on the desk welcoming me, I was sold. I knew at that point I didn’t even need the tour but, I took it anyway.


Thank you Dania for being a member of Flywheel. You can find Dania busy at her reserved desk, enjoying the gym during her lunch break, or chatting to fellow members in the kitchen.

Interested in becoming a member of Flywheel and our “so fly” community? Email us at and come in for a tour!