Why Boundaries and Schedules Are Important In Work Life

Meet Flywheel Member, Cyd Mitchell!

It’s hard to separate your personal and work life when you work from home. Your laptop is next to your kid’s math homework. Your laundry is going off in the middle of a zoom call. It’s 7 o’clock and your work laptop is still open for you to see all your emails, so you sit down, and the next thing you know you are working for another two hours. It is challenging to set up boundaries when your work and personal life are right next to each other. This is exactly how Cyd Mitchel, owner of The Sweet Fest, felt before she found Flywheel.

Mitchell worked from home since 2016. She considers herself a homebody and loved working from home in the beginning, but lacked a schedule. A night owl by nature, she found herself working all night, then sleeping in. She began to have no boundaries between her personal and work life. When she decided to go back to working on Sweet Fest full time, she knew she could not go back to working from home. She needed structure, a schedule, and a community. That is why Mitchell joined Flywheel on November 1st. She already notices a difference in her productivity, engages with others every day, and even puts real clothes on.

More Than Cakes

Sweet Fest is a business coaching company for those in the baking and food & beverage industry. Their mission is to support the business needs of bakeries and other food industries and help them build a business foundation.  She has a background in finance and accounting, but mainly helps companies with their brand development and website. Mitchell offers services such as “Social Media Review,” “Private Business Coaching,” “Menu Pricing Review” and more.  Sweet Fest has their own academy called “Sugar Coin Academy” that helps individuals grow a business. “Sugar Coin Academy” provides individuals in the industry with continued education. There are a ton of resources for bakers in terms of decorating, food ingredients, etc., but not a lot on how to actually run their business. That is why Mitchell start the Academy.

Cake decorators and bakery owners are extremely creative, but often have zero structure when it comes to running their business. The Academy and Sweet Fest provide support for these creative minds. The Academy features blog posts, free and paid training, and information on the annual Master Business Weekend conference. The blog has helpful information for bakers such as “Top 5 Marketing Tools for Bakeries” and “Less work, More Coins: The Art of Upselling.” Training includes “Designing the Perfect Bakery Website” and “Cake Photography 101.”

Her philosophy is that there “must be a balance between a delicious product & a solid business/marketing strategy. No sweet business will be successful without having both in place.”

In November, she hosted The Master Business Weekend Conference: A Virtual Business Summit for Bakers and Treat Makers. The conference included seminars on how to build a wedding brand, techniques for increasing online sales, and more. Attendees got to hear from experts in the baking world, received a “Swag Box” that made them feel as if they were at the event in person, and had networking opportunities.

Mitchell is eager to get involved at Flywheel. She plans to participate in Flywheel events, learn from others, and help fellow Flywheel members along the way. Connect with Cyd Mitchel on Instagram, LinkedIn, or her website.