SYN(HER)GY Launches: A new venture from the founder of innovateHER looks to reimagine the path to startup success

Change is in the air. Flywheel’s move to its new digs at the Center for Design Innovation came at the perfect time for Fay Horwitt, who launched her new venture, SYN(HER)GY at the beginning of February. “It was perfect timing”, said Horwitt. “This building represents innovative thinking and breakthrough ideas; it is very fitting for our new direction.”

In 2016, Horwitt launched innovateHER, a nonprofit initiative that was created to help local women launch and grow businesses. Last year they experienced tremendous success offering startup events, workshops, office hours, and online community, serving hundreds of women. The unique initiative received sponsorships from the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, Flywheel Coworking and inmar. The community and the press took notice; within a span of a few months innovateHER was featured on Time Warner Cable News and captured a full-page spread on the cover of the Winston-Salem Journal business page.

In spite of its success, Fay, a dedicated Flywheel Coworking member, realized that something was missing. Over the course of the year, a few common themes emerged. “It working one-on-one with dozens of clients, a few common themes emerged. “I learned that women tended to excel more quickly when collaborating with and learning from other women,” Horwitt shared. “It was clear that whenever we gathered, something much more powerful than networking was occurring. There was this organic support and momentum created that always seemed to push everyone to a new level with their business or idea. Bottom line: we are better together.”

It was that realization that led to the development of this new venture, SYN(HER)GY, which she describes as a full-service startup agency. The revolutionary business model provides everything a startup needs to get off the ground and prepared for sustainable success. SYN(HER)GY  has no employees; all services provided by a team of women entrepreneurs who also receive support and promotion for their own businesses on a barter system. The unique business model allows the company to offer its services as a much lower rate than industry and local standards, making vital startup services accessible and affordable for everyone.

Services for women (and men) founders include startup coaching, business plans, and creative services (branding, web, social media, video, etc.). The best part is that SYN(HER)GY, as a Flywheel Coworking program partner is also offering all Flywheel members an additional 20% off of all services. The new venture has is public launch on Feb 25-26 with its first event, HER Startup Experience; tickets are still available.

We welcome SYN(HER)GY to the Flywheel family and are excited about offering another new way to support our members on their entrepreneurial journey.

Watch for more new programs and services in the weeks to come!