Mentor: Brad Bennett, Co-founder, Flywheel Coworking
Co-founder and Chief Development Officer, Wildfire
Description About Wildfire: Wildfire exists to shatter every tired, negative stereotype people have either heard about or experienced firsthand when working with a marketing firm. 
We’re a team of firestarters, firecrackers and everything pyromaniacal in between, known for firing up ideas that drive high-quality strategic and creative products for clients of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to local start-ups.

Mentor: Peter Marsh, Co-founder, Flywheel; Investor, Flywheel New Ventures 
Description: Peter is one of the founders of Flywheel and has developed all of its programming an curriculum focused on the acceleration of member businesses in the Flywheel community. He is the administrating member of the New Ventures inception-stage investment fund and accelerator. Peter teaches methods for getting from idea to repeatable revenue quickly through customer validation techniques. Peter also coaches on fundraising strategies and helps startups get investor ready.

Mentor: Chris Veal, SBTDC - Small Business & Technology Development Center
Description: The Technology Commercialization Services team provides one-on-one business counseling and advice to small business owners, university researchers, and entrepreneurs looking to advance their innovations to the marketplace.

Mentor: Steve Virgil and Graduate Students from Wake Forest Community Law and Business Clinic
Description: The CLBC has assisted clients with hundreds of legal matters since opening in 2009, including those related to:
- Small businesses and startups
- Nonprofits
- Art and intellectual property
- Consumer transactions
- Veterans law (through the Veterans Legal Clinic)
Prior to your clinic appointment, please fill out and return the CLBC Application.