New Ventures Demo Days 2020 – Bigger and Better Than Ever

Startup Demo Days – November 12-13
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New Ventures Demo Days 2020 is going to be bigger and better than ever before. Sign up now to become an Exhibitor in our virtual Demo Room. Be among the region’s top startup companies to demo and present your pitch to investors over two days.

Over 20 investment firms and angel groups will be circulating the demo floor in teams to select 5 companies to present one-minute lightning round pitches on the Demo Day main stage at 1:15 PM on 11/13, the second day of the event.

We have amazing plans for this year’s New Ventures Demo Day event all delivered on our virtual event platform produced by Flywheel. Here are highlights for the event:
• The main theme of the speaker presentations this year will be Social Impact and Diversity.
• The Flywheel Foundation is currently running a Global Impact Pitch Competition. The top 5 ideas focused on social, environmental and economic equity will be presented in a lightning round.
• “Funding Diverse Founders” a fireside chat featuring Calvin Williams & Arlan Hamilton
• “Models in Developing Counties Applied Here” – a fireside chat featuring – Dr. Shante Williams, Kasem Mohsen, and Jesse Fripp
• Builder’s and Backers led by Donna Harris will be presenting their Fellowship Program and focus on the social determinants of health. Dona will be inviting national recognized founders and investors to participate.
• We will be coordinating with IdeasCity, Wake Forest, and the New Museum in NY to cohost their Beta Bonfire event November 12th will be “Workforce Development,”

Thursday, November 12, 2020
12:00 PM Attendee onboarding / networking
12:30 PM Kickoff and Agenda – Karen Barnes
12:45 PM Fireside Chat – “Funding Diverse Founders”
1:15 PM Demo Floor – Investors meet and score startups
2:00 PM Fireside Chat – “Developing Social Impact”
2:45 PM Demo Floor – Investors meet and score startups
3:45 PM Impact Pitch Competition – Adrian Smith
4:45 PM Winners announced – Upcoming events – Karen Barnes
5:00 PM Idea City Beta Bonfire

Friday, November 13, 2020
12:00 PM Attendee onboarding / networking
12:30 PM Announcements and Inspirations – Karen Barnes
12:45 AM Demo Floor – Investors meet and score startups
1:15 PM Lightning Round – Tops 5 Startups – Peter Marsh
1:45 PM New Ventures 2020 Cohort Pitches / Builders & Backers Presentations – Adrian Smith
4:45 PM Announcements – Karen Barnes
5:00 PM End of Event

Graduating New Ventures 2020 companies will be giving mainstage presentations include:

Drive Key:
Improperly or under trained drivers lead to reduced safety, lower performance, and increased vehicle maintenance costs. Drive Key is developing world class driver training delivered through web and mobile video, along with an AI driving assistant to give real time feedback for auto enthusiasts.

Colleges use manual entry and outdated technology to manage their student accounts. To check balances or add money, students often have to walk to an administrative building, wait in line, and interact with a staff member.

Xpand Gaming:
Esports is growing rapidly, and has enormous viewership. Many aspiring pro gamers are trying to break into the sport, but due to the fragmented industry, where gamers and their viewers stitch together existing solutions, discoverability is a major hurdle.

Winning Wise:
Poor leadership, low employee engagement, and employee turnover are huge problems for the world’s leading corporations. After decades of running a successful consulting practice solving these problems, Winning Wise is developing the Grow Wise portal to productize and scale their solutions. Grow Wise is a 21 module professional development portal with beautiful functionality where users create their own professional development plan.

Humans crave community. Tokyn will bring people together over table top board games. In a time where individuals want genuine connection to one another, board games are a fast growing market with thousands of new games published each year and a growing consumer base. Tokyn aims to become the industry standard for how users find one another and connect around the table.