Member Kara Bonvillian, ROC Solid Foundation

Member Celebrations!

Kara Bonvillian, Program Coordinator of North Carolina, Roc Solid Foundation is giving thanks! Since she started working for Roc Solid Foundation in July 2017, she has been on a mission to bring Ready Bags and playsets to Brenner Children’s Hospital and local families facing pediatric cancer.

On March 28th, Roc Solid officially partnered with Brenner Children’s Hospital through their Ready Bag program. Roc Solid Ready Bags are now given to every single family at Brenner immediately following the diagnosis that their child has pediatric cancer. The Ready Bags include everything a family might need for an unexpected hospital stay (Samsung tablet, gift card for food or gas, his & her toiletries, games for the child and siblings, a blanket, coffee mug & coffee pods, a journal, and so much more!). This bag allows the family to stay together, instead of one parent having to go home and pack a bag while the other parent stays with the child at the hospital to start treatment. Through Ready Bags, this moment of separation is eradicated!

Founded in Chesapeake, VA (2009), this is Roc Solid’s official launch year in the state of North Carolina. For 2018, they will be building hope for 8 children in the Charlotte area, 8 children in the Triangle area, and 1 build in our local town of Clemmons. All 17 of these children and families are facing pediatric cancer.

On May 30, The build in Clemmons was Roc’s first ever build in the Triad area for a child at Brenner! Read more about the build and view photos from the joyous day!

May is a very special month for Kara. It marks the culmination of many months of hard work, and also an important personal milestone.

When Kara was 20, she heard the three words nobody wants to hear – You have cancer. May 2018 marks 9 years of remission and working for Roc Solid Foundation has provided her with a way to give back, and to not “waste” her cancer. Please congratulate Kara when you see her at Flywheel or in the community, and visit Roc Solid Foundation for ways to become involved in making a difference in a child’s life.