‘Maybe I should go back:’ A phrase that can stop an entrepreneur dead in her tracks

“Maybe I should just go back,” she announced in a defeated tone, meant more for self-airing than for those of us sitting nearby.

She had just hung up the phone after another round of, “I can pay you after I receive my next check.” A stack of business and personal bills in a varied of openness lay in a starfish pattern under her coffee mug — the one proclaiming that “Life Begins at the Edge of Your Comfort Zone.”

It was one of those days of entrepreneurial discomfort. A day when the loneliness and weight of survival hits. A day when having a 401K and steady paycheck would feel like manna dropped from the closed skies of home offices and coffee shop corners. A day when “maybe I should just go back” — a phrase that can kill — just might come out.

Once that happens, it is impossible to put back.

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