Lessons Learned at UpStart Live

Our wonderful sponsor, the Kenan Institute for the Arts, hired local writer Betsi Robinson to cover UpStart Live! Here is her experience:


Dana Dillehunt creates mockups of packaging and product shots.

It’s early Sunday morning at 525@Vine, a fortress of concrete, glass and steel in the heart of Wake Forest Innovation Quarter. Downtown Winston-Salem slumbers, but inside Suite 210, home to a 24/7 coworking space dubbed Flywheel, Dana Dillehunt puts the finishing touches on marketing materials aimed to fetch high-end corporate investors for the project at hand.
Nathan Powell sits one cubicle down, hunched over his iPad, crunching the final numbers — production costs, sales projections, the all-important margins.

Across the way, Rebeccah Byer crafts a blog post for her glassblowing studio’s website —www.theolio.org. “It’s 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning,” she begins, “and I’m working with the rock stars of Winston-Salem.”


The team works late into the night Saturday night.

And the man keeping this team on task? He’s Peter Marsh, co-founder of Flywheel and business strategist turned barista. Marsh has just pushed “send” on one last email notification inviting the city’s entrepreneurial community to an important event only hours away.

That would be the final presentation for UpStart Live! — a 48-hour event that has brought together startup experts…. [click here to read the rest of the article]


A heated discussion about financial options.