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Indeavor is a new way to expand your networks and global connections through membership in the Flywheel Community. Headquartered in the growing Innovation Quarter, we are a community of consultants, freelancers, travelers, startups, micropreneurs and sales professionals, who gather at Flywheel to work productively, meet face to face and share resources. We are your landing place, your launch pad, and your place to connect. 

Indeavor Member Benefits at Flywheel

Indeavor, the Flywheel membership, and our programs and events will provide you with an extensive network of support - you can find someone from just about every field of study who is more than willing to help out in any way possible!

  • Five free day passes to Flywheel
  • Unlimited guest passes to Flywheel– use Flywheel as a place to meet clients in our community areas (soft seating, lounge and beverage bar)
  • Office hours - 1 coaching session per month with a mentor from our network
  • Flywheel community – access to the Flywheel membership socials
  • Global community network – club members can access over 500,000 startup company contacts through Startup Grind and Google for Entrepreneurs
  • Free attendance at monthly events:
    Startup Grind - a globally recognized entrepreneur community that hosts fireside chats with successful entrepreneurs to discuss why they do what they do, how they got there, and advice on how to follow a similar path. Startup Grind, sponsored by Google, chose Winston-Salem and Flywheel as one of its key locations to host the events. (Fourth Thursday of every month)
    Idea Tap - an event for pitch refinement and startup support that serves as an awesome opportunity for entrepreneurs with ideas as well as anyone who wants to get a better idea of innovation specifically in the Triad. (Second Tuesday of every month)

Monthly Membership

$50.00 Month

Does not include lunch meetings ($15/lunch attended)

Yearly Membership

$600.00 Yearly

12 free lunch meetings

Meet the Community Manager and Schedule a Tour

We want to know you! We are all about community here so come on over for a tour and chat about how we can help you be more productive!

Andrea Howell
Community Manager
336-750-8050 or

Indeavor Club Lunch

Join us for our Indeavor Club Lunch on Tuesday, February 20, 12:00-1:30 PM at Flywheel. Indeavor Club members and all Flywheel members are invited to join this luncheon.

TOPIC: Behavioral Economics
CONVERSATION FACILITATORS: Rick Leander and Michele Wille, Co-founders, Understood Connections

Behavioral economics (BE) shows hidden drivers, like framing, anchoring, decision paralysis, and loss aversion used by your consumers on a daily basis.  Supposedly irrelevant factors influence how we analyze choices and make decisions, and BE explains the often subtle factors used in the decision-making process.

Rick Leander, Co-Founder and Development Director, Understood Connections
Rick has over three decades of financial services experience, ranging from large banks in the US, Europe and Asia, to a large credit union, to head of a fintech startup and head of global strategy for a large payments company.

Michele Wille, Co-founder and Creative Director , Understood Connections
Michele has over three decades of media experience, ranging from video production in live and studio formats, launching video capabilities in marketing departments, and leading communication teams and efforts through written word, presentations, photography and graphics.

Understood Connections teaches organizations how to leverage the science of behavioral economics to better connect with their members and employees, solving business problems such as consumer engagement, lackluster product or service performance, and dishonesty in the workplace.