Get Plugged into Coworking

How many times have you been at the coffee shop, working on your business and need to charge your phone, your computer and your headphones all at once? Or you need to make a new client phone call, but in the background can be heard, “#23. Your order is ready.”

The coffee shop’s priority is serving you great coffee, but Flywheel’s objective is to assist you in growing your business, including providing you ample ways to keep your electronics charged. We also offer private phone booth rooms to give you privacy during those important client calls as well, and it is all included in one affordable membership plan.

Efficiency and professionalism matter in today’s world, and so does keeping your expenses to a minimum. It’s why so many solopreneurs opt for setting up shop at their local coffee house. But is that the most affordable option and does it give your business the best home base for success?

At Flywheel, full time memberships are only $200 per month. That’s $6.50 per day and it even includes unlimited coffee, and you don’t have to tip your waitstaff for taking up a booth for half the day. You can come and go as you please working around your own schedule instead of your local coffee house’s business hours with 24/7 access throughout the year allowing you to work on the weekend or during the evening hours due to child care or other scheduling challenges. Our Winston-Salem location even includes a gym membership too and downtown parking garage access. We offer traditional desk setups, but also have those comfy couches and chairs that you sometimes work best at should you want a change of scenery .

Only need a space outside of your home 10 days a month? Become a Community Member 10 which includes 2 meeting room hours per month for only $100. That also includes the priceless opportunity to get to know and network with other Flywheel members every time you come in.

Our locations also have fully equipped private meeting rooms that you can use for free based on your membership levels, allowing you to have everything you need at your fingertips to land your next big client. WiFi is included, large screen TVs for presentations and even whiteboards for brainstorming.

As your business grows, you may even want to reserve one of our dedicated offices and our locations always have a kitchen to fix your lunch in just like at home.

Come in for a tour today and see which membership level is right for you. It’s an investment that can make a huge difference in the growth of your business.

Contact Us to schedule a tour today or learn more about our membership amenities here.