Flywheel Launches

Winston-Salem, NC—July 29, 2020

Flywheel announced today the launch of a new business service called designed to facilitate the connection between startups and growth companies and investors in the private equity markets.

The website platform is a members-only marketplace that features a library of pre-recorded pitches and detailed information on early, seed and growth-stage companies. Companies are presented newest first, and are sortable by their area of focus, making it easy for investors to filter and screen based on their interests.

“The idea for this new business service offering is a direct response to Covid 19 which has wiped out the conventional in-person pitch events and demo days that were the primary way for entrepreneurs and investors to get connected,” said Flywheel cofounder Peter Marsh. “We decided to do this as soon as the stay-at-home orders happened.”

“We realized that Flywheel has a unique resource to offer given the significant following we have developed both on the investor and startup side,” he continues. “So, we are launching a solution using our livestream studio to professionally record, edit and post pitches available for investor review 24/7.”

“This is a really efficient way for connections to be made and takes a lot less time out of the cofounder’s and investor’s day,” said Andrea Howell. “We also create high engagement with monthly livestream events using our interactive event platform, the same technology we developed for the Triad Digital Technology Conference.”

Pitch-Space Livestream events will feature live pitches from each stage of development, and also allow investors to meet founders in private virtual rooms or network with general attendees. On alternate months Pitch Space will run Ignite events open to the general community designed to stimulate ideation and open networking.

“All of our New Ventures investors will have access to the platform”, said Adrian Smith, director of the New Ventures Accelerator program, “and the startups that subscribe to the platform will have open access to our learning management system and events as an added benefit.”

Flywheel has been test-marketing the site with startups and investors and is going live this month. The company will have representatives in all of the major markets in North Carolina and plans on expanding throughout the Southeast.

“We will be able to grow this resource on the ground as we expand our footprint in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, adds cofounder Alicia Hardin. “it’s a natural fit to the communities we are serving with our innovation centers.”

Flywheel recently announced the third location it will design and operate in Concord, NC in collaboration with Cabarrus Economic Development, the Cabarrus Regional Chamber, the Small Business Center, the North Carolina Research Campus and many other entrepreneurship resource partners.

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