Evolve Operations Now Enrolling Growth Stage Startups

We noticed a gap in the startup ecosystem in North Carolina. Early stage startups have a lot of support, but after you raise a round, the resources tend to dry up. There are a few reasons for that; (1) As you scale your company, you have rigid constraints on your time, (2) the problems you are solving become increasingly complex and company-specific, and (3) it is difficult to bring together similar stage peer founders due to geographic dispersal. We interviewed dozens of North Carolina’s startup founders before developing the Evolve Bootcamp series that solves these three problems.

Evolve Bootcamp brings founders together virtually to learn from expert facilitators how to apply methodologies, put systems in place, and develop the relationships needed to scale. Evolve facilitators are multi-exited serial entrepreneurs with experience in a variety of verticals and geographies. Founders leave the Bootcamp with a better understanding of your business and a clear plan for growth.

Hear from Kasem Mohsen about the program in the video below. Start from the beginning to hear about his work with the United States DoD and the UK MoD as a data scientist and his transition into startups.


4-weeks, self-paced + expert facilitation + community events

Evolve Operations Bootcamp is a resource for startups who have raised a round of funding and are seeking to scale their business operations. Open to founders, C-suite and other early employees. Business leaders at this stage have little time and increasingly complex company-specific problems. This bootcamp offers self-paced learning to respect your time and personalized consulting to immediately contextualize and apply your learning to your specific business needs.

This 4-week program will consist of:

  • Prepare for the class with pre-work assigned before Kick-off.
  • A virtual, facilitated, “meet & greet” event where participants can get to know each other, ask questions, and meet the facilitators.
  • Weekly, progressive, self-paced online learning focused on scaling business operations
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Consultation Call with a startup expert to review work progress and move your strategy in the right direction – specific to your business.
  • Access to Evolve Socialization Events – such as Virtual Beverage Nights and cohort meetups
  • Graduation pitch night with a chance to tell your company’s stories to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

At the end of this bootcamp you should have:

✔ A shared definition of what operations means for your specific business

✔ A current and target operating model

✔ A set of S.M.A.R.T. operational key performance indicators (KPI)

✔ A scaling strategy specific to the needs of your business

✔ A company “North Star”

✔ A strong community of relationships with other growth-stage entrepreneurs, advisors and investors

A Picture of Kasem Mohsen, the Evolve Operations Bootcamp Facilitator.

Kasem Mohsen is a data scientist by trade and a serial entrepreneur by passion. He has been a part of over 25 startups from the ideation phase to bootstrapping, fund raising, acquisition and everything in-between. He has helped many small businesses raise money, scale and grow, including leading two startups through successful exits.

Community Event Schedule

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All events are online from 5:30pm – 7:00pm. After the kick-off you will schedule your weekly one-on-one sessions with the facilitator.

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Evolve includes free access to Pitch Space, a live stream pitch environment for startups and investors. Take Q&A from investors during your live pitch. We record and edit your pitch for 24/7 viewing by a diverse Southeast investor audience. Your company profile and due diligence data room accompany the pitch recording in our private video library.

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