Evolve Bootcamp

Growth Stage Startups

Starting your own business is hard. From the finances and legal documents, to marketing your name – there are a million things to do. Flywheel is here to help. We offer courses for entrepreneurs to help them get their company off the ground. These courses are for those who are in the early-growth stage of their business. But… what about companies that are already off the ground?

Adrian Smith and Peter Marsh, realized that there are a ton of resources for entrepreneurs in the early stage of development, but once they get major investments, the support and resources begin to dissipate. They saw this first hand as the companies in their New Ventures Accelerator program began to take off. The more investments they got; the less resources were available. They interviewed companies in the growth stage of development and asked them what resources they need and what would benefit them most. They found that founders of growth stage companies focus on more company specific problems so a generalized curriculum does not apply to them. In addition, they busy and do not have the time to invest in a course. The solution? Evolve Bootcamp!


Evolve Operations Bootcamp

After months of customer discovery, Flywheel Foundation developed Evolve Operations Bootcamp came up with the idea of Evolve Bootcamp in early 2020 – a self-paced online curriculum where founders meet with the facilitator, Kasem Mohsen, to contextualize the material they are learning and directly apply it to their business.

Mohsem, is a data scientist by trade and a serial entrepreneur by passion. He has been a part of over 25 startups from the ideation phase to bootstrapping, fund raising, acquisition and everything in-between. He has helped many small businesses raise money, scale and grow, including leading two startups through successful exits.

Evolve Operations Bootcamp is a resource for startups who have raised a round of funding and are seeking to scale their business operations. Open to founders, C-suite and other early employees. Founders have the opportunity to be a part of a cohort connect, where they meet with other founders who are in the same growth stage as them and experiencing similar problems. This solves the two problems: time and generalization.



The program consists of:

  • Preparation for the class with pre-work assigned before Kick-off.
  • A virtual, facilitated, “meet & greet” event where participants can get to know each other, ask questions, and meet the facilitators.
  • Weekly, progressive, self-paced online learning focused on scaling business operations
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Consultation Call with a startup expert to review work progress and move your strategy in the right direction – specific to your business.
  • Access to Evolve Socialization Events – such as Cohort Connects and alumni meetings
  • Evolve Storytelling – a chance to tell your company’s stories to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The First Bootcamp

The first Evolve Bootcamp, focusing on operations, was this summer and it was a huge success. Founder of Vispa, Geneva Schlabach said:

“Evolve Operations Bootcamp came at just the right time for Vispa. Admittedly, I was a little skeptical about whether this was just another “class” with little real-world help for scaling a fast-growth company like Vispa, but the Bootcamp really was a game-changer for us.”

In speaking with Schlabach, she noted how the connections she made in Evolve have been of great value and the practical operations framework presented “was just what we needed to build out our plans for the next level.”

In addition, Laura McCann, founder of ADORAtherapy said that Evolve Operations Bootcamp “came at the perfect time during a tumultuous 2020. During the program I was able to re-envision my business, challenge my strategy, and rebuild a future proofed one using the tools shared and the mentoring. The small group made it possible to learn more about my peers and their approaches, seeding great conversations and ideas. Time well spent!”

The Bootcamp is specifically for growth stage companies as they are often overlooked. Evolve Operations Bootcamp “was rightly targeted toward post-fundraising growth stage founders” said Jennifer Biggs, CEO of AMpogee.







At the end of the Bootcamp the Founders had:

  • A shared definition of what operations means for your specific business
  • A current and target operating model
  • A set of S.M.A.R.T. operational key performance indicators (KPI)
  • A scaling strategy specific to the needs of your business
  • A company “North Star”- A strong community of relationships with other growth-stage entrepreneurs, advisors and investors

The next Evolve Operations Bootcamp is January 2021! The cost is $399 for the general public and $299 for Flywheel members. Sign up today or click here for more information!

Interested in becoming a Flywheel Member? Check out our membership plans and contact Christy at Christy@flywheelcoworking.com.