“Why You Should Cowork In The Innovation Quarter”

The truth is, coworking is the new way to work. Almost 40% of the workforce is a contingent workforce – this means they have an expertise or skill set, but don’t work for one company.  Some of these self-starters work at home.  Some work at the local coffee shop.  However, those who want to be around innovation, entrepreneurs and startups find themselves coworking in a place like the Innovation Quarter.

Why?  They need to get work done and a fresh and collaborative space that inspires them AND gives them everything they need to get their job done.  But, more importantly, they want to be in good company. They want to feel the palpable energy of startups creating a new company or pivoting one that’s hit a road block.  They want counsel when they need it.  Only the kind you can get from a mentor who’s been there, done that.  They want a community with whom they share ideas, get input, learn and socialize with.  And, finally, they want workshops, office hours interactions and professional programs that help them become more innovative.


This IS Flywheel.

At Flywheel we know working alone is, well, lonely.  Innovating without stimulus is HARD.  Ideas without input are flat.  Coworking here solves these problems because:

  1.  There’s constant improvement of ideas as ideas are shared, built upon and made better.
  1.  A break isn’t a trot to the fridge or a look out the window.  It’s an enlightening conversation with another innovator.
  1.  Community is better than loneliness.
  1.  There’s free beer.
  1. Everything you need to conduct your professional life is in one place…like an office…but WAY cooler. We mean high speed internet, conference rooms, video conference technology, copier, mailboxes, office supplies, snacks, white boards, phone rooms, and even couches for a nap.
  1. Startups are forming every day and being nurtured, counseled and grown by our in-house mentors.
  1. Subject matter experts from many fields sit side by side and trade thoughts, ideas and recent work.
  1. There’s opportunity to access seed stage capital to pursue your start up idea.
  1. Social education programming happens monthly to help you practice pitching your idea or hear the ups, downs and sideways of successful entrepreneurs.
  1. There’s free beer.


Along with all those benefits, we also heavily invest our time and money into fostering our local startup ecosystem. Coworking at Flywheel in the Innovation Quarter exposes entrepreneurs and innovators to the efforts of the 501c3 not for profit corporation Flywheel Foundation whose focused mission is to “Create Companies that Add Value”.


This is done by turbocharging the startup ecosystem with things like:

  • Stirring up ideas with monthly programming like Idea Tap and Startup Grind.
    • Idea Tap gives startup founders the chance to practice pitching and get real time feedback on their idea from an audience of potential investors, subject matter experts and interested entrepreneurs.
    • Startup Grind exposes the audience to founders’ successes, failures, and advice in a fireside chat format. Both of these identify talent with startup ideas and the risk tolerance to pursue them.
  • Educating potential entrepreneurs with a 10 week “How to Start a Startup class” held each fall, winter and spring.
  • Aiding potential software programmers in partnership with Tech Talent South through the Flywheel Academy which immerses interested parties in coding languages and exposes them to potential career paths and gives them real world experience.
  • Providing inception stage capital with the New Ventures Investment Club funded seed accelerator. In 2016, this $355,000 fund invested $50,000 in seed capital in each of the four companies that successfully completed the New Ventures Accelerator at Flywheel.


So, coworking at Flywheel in the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter isn’t just a cool place to work for the day.  It is the epicenter of startup formation, nurturing and growth in Winston Salem.  Coworking at Flywheel is innovation spiked acceleration of your idea.